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The atrocities of war in Iraq and Afghanistan perhaps are the reason of renewed insurgence and resistance against American intrusion in the area. CivPol has been working in one form or the other since the late 19th century. The late and very meager humanitarian services in the region are another reason why Iraq is hostile and angry at the moment.

Issues Related to Effectiveness, Cost and Reform. The control of this commodity especially in the time when oil prices are high is the main reason why the super powers in the region as well as America are trying to control Iraq. Through various funding such as the Freedom Support Act funds, America gave assistance to the various countries to help in its antiterrorism programs.

By providing additional funding for security, for education, and for the development of infrastructure in Iraq, the United States can fulfill its commitment to reconstruct Iraq, and thereby win both the peace and the war.

These recommendations were mainly involving the recruitment and training, and the deployment of civilian police personnel. It is now proposed to be deployed in Iraq, which may be too much for the UN to handle.

Such institutions are now gaining attention for their understanding of the need of various United Nations peacekeeping operations and the goals that united nation tries to achieve while conducting such operations. According to former General Wesley Clark, he was contacted by former colleagues at the Pentagon ten days on or about the 20th of September, that the decision had been made to attack Iraq.

Nina M Serafino, Yet other point for consideration is that if any international force based on the monopoly of the military power is constituted, it will do the good to world force and security.

This should lead to a change in attitude among the disheartened and angry Iraqis, presently turning to increased violence as a means of voicing their grievances. Consent of the parties; Impartiality; Non-use of force except in self-defence and defence of the mandate.

Winning the Peace in Iraq Essay

America came into this region with irrelevant and erroneous information, and depicted Iraq and the Iraqis as violent people being a threat to the United States. Therefore, alternative forms of peace keepers are now also being considered.

Foreign Policy in Focus. There has been loss of more than American soldiers with countless others who have been injured during the war. Transfer the Administration of Iraq to the UN.

Second, the proposal must enjoy broad support of the international community—specially it must attract sufficient and necessary votes for adoption by the Security Council.

With the increased severity of negative emotion towards America, many Iraqi people are not willing to cooperate with them. Lipinski, America at this stage cannot withdraw from Iraq primarily due to the tumultuous conditions that it has created in the region.

While Russia believes in combating terrorist organizations of all kinds, it is also asserting its military presence by improving its bilateral relations in the region through cooperation. The stated mission was the dismantling of Al-Qaeda, the overthrow of the Taliban and ending the use of Afghanistan as a terrorist base.

Another reason why the US military will have problems doing so is due to the type of training that they undergo as a soldier.

Iraq Essay

The loss of cultural heritage, economic status, and any kind of social framework is creating identity crises, which Iraqis feel has been defaced by American propaganda. To date peace-keeping operations: However, many changes have taken place since its establishment, and UN is now evolving itself and its mandates.

It brings together the General Assemblythe Security Councilthe Secretariat, troop and police contributors and the host governments in a combined effort to maintain international peace and security. This includes putting in place international legal systems, dispute resolution mechanisms as well as cooperative arrangements.

Such peacekeeping interventions may vary from conducting election processes to recreation of the police and defense systems, however, all aim to create a social as well as a political situation that ensures peace and stability in the region. International civilian police is now among the new line of peacekeeping mission that are hoped not to create tensions or aggression in any region that they are deployed into.

From removal of dictatorship to restoration of democracy, and the incidences of assurgency with Sunni Shiite violence, this is just the tip of the ice berg that the current Iraq constitutes. The United States might also consider trying to send more aid into Iraq for education, given the fact that most of the world problems are initiated through illiteracy, and all kinds of violence in addition to terrorism, are caused by lack of education in the Third World and in the Middle East.

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Get Access. PeaceKeeping In Iraq: Comparing Traditional Vs. U.S. Essay Sample. In order to understand the true problems of peace. - Iraq Invasion of Kuwait vs U.S Iraq War Iraq and Kuwait have a long history; Kuwait played a huge part in the Iran-Iraq war, mostly financially.

Open warfare began on September 22, ; Iraq claimed Iran shelled a number of border posts on September 4, The term ”peace-keeping’ in the abroad sense means various steps taken by the United Nations to prevent the dispute from arising, or to stabilize the situation where trouble has already risen.

Related Articles: Essay On The India’s Contribution To World Peace. Peacekeeping has proven to be one of the most effective tools available to the UN to assist host countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace.

Peacekeeping has unique strengths, including legitimacy, burden sharing, and an ability to deploy and sustain troops and police from around the globe, integrating them with civilian peacekeepers to advance. War creates peace. That's what many people of the United States think. In order for us, as a nation, to rid our selves from violence and war we need to set the example by not going to war.

We went to Iraq for many controversial reasons. To protect our citizens, for payback, for peace. I don't buy it.

How to write an essay on UN peace-keeping force?

Essay Transforming armed conflict towards peace relies on an interrelationship of peacemaking 2 Transforming armed conflict towards peace relies on an interrelationship of peacemaking, peace keeping and peace building.

Peace keeping in iraq essay
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How to write an essay on UN peace-keeping force?