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Sounder then rips out of the boy's hands and runs down the road after the wagon. It is a story that depicts ways in which animals and humans can share great bonds among each other.

The reason for his father's request is multifold. The boy begins to whimper, not out of sorrow, but just because there was nothing else to fill up the sudden emptiness of the moment. Be sure to hold a follow-up class discussion after the two classes meet to discuss new ideas gained, impressions of the other class, etc.

He found him on the side of the road. Sounder has a louder, clearer, deeper voice than any other dog in the vicinity. Perhaps the boy's father felt ashamed to have his son see him in jail.

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Rent the video, and then write a paper comparing and contrasting the book and the movie. However, the dog is not to be found. Have students exchange puzzles as their vocabulary quiz.

About the Author William H. How does the teacher he meets in a chance encounter transform his life. Questions should be those which provoke thought, generate discussion, and require critical thinking.

The boy's mother runs out as well and beckons the boy to leave the dog to die in peace. There are many famous children's books about a child with a special pet dog. Do you think his punishment was a just one.

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Write a paper about the relationship between you and this animal, and why the animal has earned your love. The search is also symbolic, and there are frequent references to searches in the Bible.

It also shows how the emotions of animals and humans are not that different. He then goes on with taking care of the younger children, stoking the fire, and then goes upstairs to get Sounder's ear. He would get mad and fight back. Why does the boy feel such affection and loyalty for the dog.

The boy is very proud to hunt with his father, proud to stand with him and Sounder on the porch and look out into the night. He continued to be prolific in his writing output after the publication of Sounder, mainly publishing books with historical or biblical main characters, such as Hadassah: Why do you think the boy does not outwardly correct his mother.

Although deceptively simple in its language and brief in its length, Sounder is a powerful parable of poverty, hope, prejudice, inhumanity, and ultimately, survival.

His mother feels it to but she cannot express her feelings because she must be strong for her children. The boy has begun his education, and so his future is more hopeful, and he has his memories which give him comfort.

What were his real reasons for saying this. How do the dogs in these other stories compare to Sounder. Each letter should contain the elements outlined in the letter writing activity sheet. When the boy pictures how wonderful his father's hunting dog is, he is realizing the connection he has with him.

Interestingly, the dog Sounder is the only one in this story with a name. The jailer yanked the cake box away from the boy, squeezed the cake in his hands until it broke into pieces, and then threw the pieces back in the box.

This is something that no one in his family knows how to do—it is something he can have and do for himself. Arrange a video conference with a collaborating school.

Does this sole act make him a bad person, or is he simply reacting the only way he knows how to his unfortunate circumstances. He is proud of his father's strength, but also fearful of his temper: His son, being a curious young boy, asks his father how he got Sounder.

Why do you think the boy's father told him not to visit him in jail again. He began writing self-help books for students, and inhe published Sounder, receiving high praise from critics and winning the Newbery Medal.

Students will lead a discussion of a selected chapter using prepared questions and notes. The family is held together by its unwavering faith, believing that life will get better no matter how bad things are. Sounder by William H. Armstrong he following questions will help you think about the important parts of each chapter.

Chapter 1 • Why do you think the boy is so fond of Sounder? Have you ever felt that way about an animal? —Sounder?? Sounder Essays: OverSounder Essays, Sounder Term Papers, Sounder Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Study questions, project ideas and discussion topics based on important themes running throughout Sounder by William H.

Armstrong. Great supplemental information for school essays and projects. Sounder quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for Sounder quizzes and tests you might have in school.

Sounder Essays: OverSounder Essays, Sounder Term Papers, Sounder Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Sounder is the story a poor black sharecropper family living in the Deep South during the Depression.

The main character, a young boy, is simply referred to in the story as “boy.” Questions for Class Discussion. Illustrate this scene and write an essay as to why this scene is .

Sounder essay questions
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